Monday, May 3, 2010

Wall Mural Imagery: California

During the middle of April, I left the confines of the office and headed out to California. While the day to day custom wallpaper operations were handled by my all-star staff, I was able to enjoy the Coachella Music Festival with friends. The trip included flying into San Francisco to meet with friends, whereupon we road tripped down to the desert east of Los Angeles. The road trip took about 8 1/2 hours.

Along the way I snapped a photo of a landscape that is perfect for a custom wall mural. Though altered from it's original orientation, the image is shown in the inspiration room above. After we'd made it out of the metro LA area and wound through the desert, we began to notice a string of burned out trees that were uprooted and seemingly carefully stacked along the roadside.

Perhaps is was a controlled burn to minimize naturally occurring wildfires. Whatever the case, the stark, leafless limbs cut a very interesting silhouette across the perfectly blue, cloudless sky. When preparing the wall mural image for this post, it seemed like a good idea to flip the image; the line of mountain and sky looked more interesting flipped, while the burnt tree limbs appear to have a dripping-ink like characteristic pouring down the wall. I caught a lot of other good shots along the way that I'll share in the future.

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