Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Custom Wall Mural Inspiration: Industrial Design

A few months back we were contracted to photograph a number of industrial machines housed at a machine shop.  The interior designers at Art Harrison were assisting the company by bringing their decor up to more modern standards, which included a series of photos we shot produced as art pieces.  The pieces featured the images of the machines at abstracted angles, turning everyday tools and equipment into art.  We have used one of these images as an inspiration mural for the room above, which features a series of concentric circles; the brushed metal finish adds even more visual interest to the custom mural.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Custom Wall Mural Inspiration: Lunar Surface

For all of you stargazers out there who are looking to add touch of cosmic fancy to your walls, check out this lunar surface wall mural. The mural simply uses a photograph of the moon's surface, in all of it's cratered and crusty glory. The mural adds subtle texture while still being instantly recognizable as the moon. There are scores of different shots of the moon that could be used for a custom mural, with more crater impacted areas for a dramatic look, to the seas of the moon which will offer a more static appearance. Want a space mural that is inspired beyond our solar system? Contact us for more custom wallpaper design ideas from our galaxy and beyond.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Great Wall's Wallgazer Collection Featured on Retail Design Blog

We just got some press that we're exited about! Our Wallgazer line of contemporary wall murals was recently featured on Retail Design Blog. Their blog assists retail designers and visual merchandisers by providing news and information about retail trends and solutions. Check out the article about our wall murals here!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Using Vintage Imagery For Wall Murals

Today we are sharing an inspiration piece that uses vintage artwork for a wall mural. The artwork is a lithograph from the mid 1860's, and depicts a scene of mountain climbers on Mont Blanc in the alps. This wall mural could be customized fully to coordinate with your decor, from adding a color wash over the image to washing out the detail and saturation to create an even more subdued look. Do you have a vintage image that you'd like to incorporate into your decor scheme? Contact us to learn more!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Saturn Wall Mural

Today we're featuring one of space themed wall murals, our Saturn Surface Detail Wall Mural. The mural is a satellite shot of Saturn's surface. The multitude of colors that striate the surface of the planet offers a vast range of decorating possibilities. Our inspiration room pulls the yellow from the mural with it's chair in the foreground, while the neutral sofa balances the overall wall mural's color scheme. Check out more of our space murals, they will make your wall out of this world!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Featured Wall Mural: Balloons

Here is an install shot of one of our favorite wall murals we offer on our website: Balloons. The mural is comprised of umbrellas and paper lanterns with a light, floaty feeling reminiscent of balloons. You can purchase a wall mural or poster of this design here. You can customize the design to your liking, or use your own image for a custom mural.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Textile Inspired Wallpaper: Houndstooth Pattern Wallpaper

We are working on several new lines of wallpaper here in the studio, so we'll have a lot of exciting new wallpaper designs and inspirations to share. One of the burgeoning new lines is based on textile patterns. This modern graphic wallpaper features an oversized black and white houndstooth design; a classic which we love, and have updated with the monstrously sized pattern repeat. As with most any other design we offer, this houndstooth pattern could be completely customized; the size of the wallpaper pattern repeat could be diminished or increased, and the colors could be manipulated to give this classic look an updated flavor, utilizing more contemporary raspberry pinks or ice blues.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Announcing Our Newest Team Member: Nic Steele!

We're excited to announce that Nic Steele is the latest addition to the Great Wall family. Nic is an accomplished fine artist and multi-tasking powerhouse, coming aboard as our "Organizational Attaché." This is one of her pieces that wowed us; check out more of her work on her online portfolio here: As we move forward with expanding our product line of custom wall murals and new collections of traditional wallpaper patterns, she will be instrumental in helping to facilitate our growth. Welcome, Nic!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Custom Wallpaper: Masculine Design

People can sometimes have the misconception that wall murals are always over the top with bright colors and overly saturated tones. While this may be true with some mural designs, a wide range of imagery exists that would be suitable for even the most reserved gentleman. Take for instance the wall mural in the inspiration room above. The mountains in their neutral tones are accented by the lines of green pine trees; the waterfall creating the perfect focal point just above the bed. A great example of how custom wallpaper may be used as a creative and non-traditional headboard.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wall Mural Imagery: Satellite Photos

Today we're featuring an awesome wall mural of the Ganges River. You probably can't tell at first glance that the mural is of that sacred river system, but that's what we love about this wall mural design. The photograph was taken by a satellite and shows the many tributaries of the Ganges, but looks more like an abstract work of art. The Ganges River wall mural is available for purchase on our website here in multiple size and material options. If you don't want to cover a full wall, you can purchase a poster of this image for only $24.99. Custom wall mural sizes are also available to fit most any wall.