Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Transforming Your Walls with Custom Wallpaper

One of our fearless designers put together a quick movie showing a dining room before and after a custom wallpaper installation.

We love playing with scale, so instead of a small botanical style wallpaper pattern, we took the scale of the foliage and made it larger than life, giving the dining room a completely brand new feeling.

Wall murals can be used to dress all four walls of your room, or even on single wall for an unexpected accent. Check out our main site to learn more about our custom wallpaper services.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Custom Wallpaper Imagery: Spring Inspiration

Spring is finally here! We're celebrating the arrival of the season with this custom wallpaper installation featuring an assortment of shades of green.

The green in the wall mural is provided by rows of plants in the rural farmland. The image is an aerial photograph, an excellent source for wall mural imagery. The budding plots of land create an interesting geometric backdrop for this living space.

Aerial shots of cities offer additional geometric alternatives, while aerials of mountains and bodies of water offer softer, less pattern driven murals. Use your own image our check out our image gallery, we can also assist with image research for the perfect custom wall mural.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Artists Producing Custom Wallpaper: Solomina Ray Design

There's a number of artists out there who are using our custom wallpaper services to market their artwork to brand new audiences. After all, an entire wall filled with an artist's work can have considerably more impact than a smaller framed piece.

One such artist is Sally Henderson of Solomina Ray Design. Her Piece "Compassion Bubbles" is shown on the right. As a muralist, painter, and product developer, Solomina Ray Design,, delivers high impact, abstract art and art products for home, business, and film productions. How great would this pattern be in a light and lively room, perhaps even a nursery.

We highly recommend original art by Sally Henderson, MFA, if you want your rooms to vibrate with joy, inspiration and excitement. “Beauty and Passion” are her watch words. Lovely, irrational and bold, the Solomina Ray brand excites your soul. Niche: Deluxe homes, film set designs.