Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Custom Wallpaper: Masculine Design

People can sometimes have the misconception that wall murals are always over the top with bright colors and overly saturated tones. While this may be true with some mural designs, a wide range of imagery exists that would be suitable for even the most reserved gentleman. Take for instance the wall mural in the inspiration room above. The mountains in their neutral tones are accented by the lines of green pine trees; the waterfall creating the perfect focal point just above the bed. A great example of how custom wallpaper may be used as a creative and non-traditional headboard.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wall Mural Imagery: Satellite Photos

Today we're featuring an awesome wall mural of the Ganges River. You probably can't tell at first glance that the mural is of that sacred river system, but that's what we love about this wall mural design. The photograph was taken by a satellite and shows the many tributaries of the Ganges, but looks more like an abstract work of art. The Ganges River wall mural is available for purchase on our website here in multiple size and material options. If you don't want to cover a full wall, you can purchase a poster of this image for only $24.99. Custom wall mural sizes are also available to fit most any wall.