Friday, September 18, 2009

Custom Wallpaper: All About Abstraction

We often produce custom wallpaper installations based on photographs, which can range from any myriad of subjects. We also produce a lot of custom wall murals based on artwork. Some of the most striking wall murals that we've produced are abstract paintings.

There is a lot of impasto work in the most engaging murals based on abstract artwork, a technique that often raises paint strokes on the canvas, giving a highly textured look. This texture translates well onto wallpaper, giving a trompe l'oil effect, as if the paint were jumping right off the wall.

The inspiration room features a whole other breed of abstract art. The image is of an artist's palette. The paints swirl around each other, with gradients of color evidencing the mixing that the artist has done to achieve certain colors. An unexpected work of abstract art, but very interesting nonetheless, perfect for a custom wall mural.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Conference Room Custom Wallpaper

Is your business's conference room boring and drab? Dress it up with custom wallpaper. A beautiful wall mural hung in your conference room will help elevate the creativity of your employees, as well as certainly impressing your clients. Be it in a home or office, our wall murals are able to transport the viewer visually to another place, which never fails to amaze.

The conference room above is located in New York. The decorator wanted to create the feeling of being in Central Park, surrounded by green with the New York cityscape peeking out above the trees. As the installed photo demonstrates, the look was quite literally and successfully achieved with panoramic wall murals that line the walls all around the room.

A purposeful image can create a visual theme related to your business. A mountain range can create a feeling of stoic solidity. An arch can give the feeling of creating connections. Whatever your business's direction, there is always a coordinating wall mural image to correspond harmoniously with it. Ready to take your board room or conference room to new heights? Contact us to start your custom wallpaper project today.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Custom Wallpaper Imagery: Patinas

We love the freedom that decorating with custom wallpaper gives you. With custom wallpaper, you aren't constrained by pattern books and swatches; most any image can dress your walls as you see fit, as opposed to how others think you should decorate. With this in mind, we encourage people to think outside of the box and paper their walls with unexpected looks.

Hence, we offer today's custom wallpaper imagery inspiration. Patinas occur when objects such as metal and wood are exposed to the elements, oxygen and water. This exposure leads to unpredictable but beautiful chemical color changes on the surface of such objects. Greenish copper patinas are perhaps the most recognizable, like the look of the Statue of Liberty. We suggest that you carry over this look as a custom wall mural.

The mural in the inspiration room features not only a patina copper, but ridges and divots in the metal as well. The random streaking and discoloration makes the mural look like an over-sized abstract painting. The perfect splash of color and interest for a neutral decor scheme. The same effect can be achieved with even richer tones with rusts, which can vary from orange and brown. The end result being an elegant custom wallpaper with just the right mix of an industrial attitude.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Custom Wallpaper Imagery: Sea Life

We're plunging beneath the waves to find today's custom wallpaper imagery inspiration: sea life. In the briny deep you'll find all sorts of animals deserving to find a place of prominence on your wall. From dolphins and sharks to majestic coral reefs and even sunken ships, there is no lack of variety to draw upon for a sea life wall mural.

The custom wall mural in the inspiration room showcases an image of a red gorgonian sea fan. The sea fan is a type of soft coral, this variety hailing from the Indian Ocean. The deep, rich reds may be the main attraction of this mural, but notice the smaller flower-like objects scattered over the branches. These are polyps that only appear at night. Their flowery appearance has a slight Asian flavor that we really like.

We have quite a collection of sea life images for you to choose from. Some of most popular sea life murals are columns of coral, as well as schools of fish. A school of fish, all packed in tightly together, has an inherent pattern like quality already, to create a more static wallpaper look as opposed to a photographic wall mural. As with any of our images, they can be manipulated to suit your taste and decor as closely as possible.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Custom Wallpaper: Random Photos

Oftentimes our clients have a very specific reason why they want to commission a custom wallpaper mural. Be it that they are trying to achieve a certain mood in a room or convey a specific message, a clear end goal is almost always in mind. But sometimes a client has an unusual image that they love, but never have considered using it in any way.

This is the perfect set-up for a random photo wall mural. sometimes you don't need a reason to create a custom wall mural other than the fact that you have a really cool image and an empty wall to fill it with. These are the types of images that you capture serendipitously. Not a posed vacation picture, but the bizarre unclassifiable shot you captured of some random thing while you were on that vacation.

For instance, the custom wall mural in the inspiration room is an image of a broken window pane. Clearly, most don't decorate with a "broken glass" theme, but the interesting nature of the image allows the mural to stand on it's own, with no real intentions required. The spiderweb-like cracks and hazy backdrop of a city makes the wall mural's subject matter unique, and takes the image from being merely a forgotten snapshot to a large scale piece of art.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Custom Wallpaper Inspiration: Petroglyphs

If you're looking for a custom wallpaper application with a sense of history, you'll love today's mural. The wall mural image inspiration we're featuring are petroglyphs, which are most commonly attached to prehistoric peoples. Petroglyphs are created by etching or engraving into a rock face, with people and animals being the most often depicted subjects.

Printed on wallpaper as a wall mural, petroglyphs will effect your room's decor in a number of ways. First, the natural stone background behind the carvings will instantly add an earthy element to your space. Cracks and fissures in the rock printed with photorealistic detail will give the impression of actually being in the presence of real rock. Additionally, the petroglyphs themselves resonate with the past; you can't help but wonder who did the carving and why. The anthropological aspect of this custom wall mural will certainly give your space an academic kick.

The Petroglyph National Monument in New Mexico features thousands of engravings, plenty of opportunities to capture your own image for a custom wall mural. If you haven't been there or don't plan to go, contact us for our free image research service. Other artifacts and architecture of ancient peoples may interest you more; from totem poles to ziggurats, history is peppered with countless inspiration points for a custom wall mural.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Custom Wallpaper Inspiration: Architectural Elements

Since we haven't touched on this custom wallpaper imagery inspiration in a while, we're happy to bring back architectural elements. This is the fourth installment in this series, and we don't see an end in sight. The presence that a wall mural featuring architectural elements has can't be ignored.

The inspiration room gets a brand new dimension of depth with the image of the crook of a building. The window grids ground the look with a bit of rigidity, while the subtle variations of blues and purples of each pane lends a playfulness to the mural. With each pane being colored slightly differently from the next, a sort of glass patchwork quilt effect is created.

If subtle color variations aren't your bag, consider creating the wall mural in black and white, a great treatment for any architectural wall mural. With an image like this, there's a voyeuristic element to the wallpaper, as if you're looking in at another world. Take a a fresh look at your decor scheme, there just might be room for your own custom wall mural.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Custom Wallpaper Imagery: Smoke

Don't call the fire department, it's just custom wallpaper burning up your walls. Today's custom wallpaper image inspiration is smoke; another instance when custom wallpaper allows you to decorate in exciting and unexpected ways.

Smoke has a mysterious, sensuous look. Printed as a custom wall mural, a smoky look is the perfect backdrop for a titillating dinner party. The smoke in the wall mural in the inspiration room above is tinted with a hint of blue, but could just as easily be presented in pure black and white. Or, a touch of magenta could be used to give the smoke more of a warmer feel.

The ethereal, romantic feeling of smoke and fog always reminds us of the Hudson River School art movement. The atmospheric effect that mist and fog had in these paintings is what truly made this landscape style stand out. Capture the essence of this style as a custom wall mural to give your home the same gorgeous sublime look that Thomas Cole himself would appreciate.