Monday, September 14, 2009

Custom Wallpaper: Random Photos

Oftentimes our clients have a very specific reason why they want to commission a custom wallpaper mural. Be it that they are trying to achieve a certain mood in a room or convey a specific message, a clear end goal is almost always in mind. But sometimes a client has an unusual image that they love, but never have considered using it in any way.

This is the perfect set-up for a random photo wall mural. sometimes you don't need a reason to create a custom wall mural other than the fact that you have a really cool image and an empty wall to fill it with. These are the types of images that you capture serendipitously. Not a posed vacation picture, but the bizarre unclassifiable shot you captured of some random thing while you were on that vacation.

For instance, the custom wall mural in the inspiration room is an image of a broken window pane. Clearly, most don't decorate with a "broken glass" theme, but the interesting nature of the image allows the mural to stand on it's own, with no real intentions required. The spiderweb-like cracks and hazy backdrop of a city makes the wall mural's subject matter unique, and takes the image from being merely a forgotten snapshot to a large scale piece of art.

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