Friday, May 28, 2010

Custom Wallpaper Inspiration: Windows

If your living space is lacking the expansive view you desire, use custom wallpaper to bring in as many windows as you want. Check out the inspiration room. The custom wall mural uses an image of an office building with windows in unexpected patterns. Then to add a little more visual interest to the mural, the image was flipped on it's side. Perfect for apartment dwellers and dorms, adding windows is simple with custom wallpaper. And with our repositionable wallpaper, you can install your wall mural and take it with you when you move.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Custom Wallpaper Imagery: Chinese Artwork

Here is another interesting idea for a custom wall mural using your own artwork. Specifically, vintage Chinese artwork. Perhaps you have an old painting or a digital image you captured, either way, a wall mural featuring Chinese artwork is sure to amaze.

The watercolor painting shown in the inspiration room has a nice lightness to it, especially with mist enveloping all the mountains. This custom wallpaper installation is a perfect addition to a cozy breakfast nook or dining room, where a feeling of peace and calm is always appreciated.

We have an assortment of Far Eastern imagery at our main website, such as the image below:

Find this bamboo pathway wall mural available for purchase at numerous sizes on your choice of material here: Over at our other site Wallgazer, we feature a wall mural design called "Samurai Cutout". Obviously we transition here from China to Japan, and the subject matter of this mural is much more playful and kitschy than environmental. "Samurai Cutout" can be purchased through Wallgazer here.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Custom Surfing Inspired Wall Mural

Custom wallpaper can help you decorate in a highly personal way. A lot of people enjoy decorating their home with artwork and artifacts that display their hobbies or interests. You're hard pressed to not see a sports fan's commemorative plaque or poster of a cherished team; outdoorsmen love their Terry Redlin, while artists' walls are lined with a permanent retrospective.

In today's custom wallpaper paper post, we are offering an alternative; a more subtle way to share your interests in a way that might not be so heavy handed. The custom wall mural in the inspiration room features a wave, a tube wave to be exact. This is the type of wave that curls over onto itself, creating a void in which a surfer will move through.

This type of image not only looks appealing, but shares your love of surfing with a reserved ambiguity that creates a true conversation piece. There are plenty of other activities that a mural can accentuate in such a way. For instance, an abstract rock texture wall mural would be perfect for a mountain climber. Whatever your interest, custom wallpaper can create a space that tastefully portrays your personality.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Wall Mural Imagery: California

During the middle of April, I left the confines of the office and headed out to California. While the day to day custom wallpaper operations were handled by my all-star staff, I was able to enjoy the Coachella Music Festival with friends. The trip included flying into San Francisco to meet with friends, whereupon we road tripped down to the desert east of Los Angeles. The road trip took about 8 1/2 hours.

Along the way I snapped a photo of a landscape that is perfect for a custom wall mural. Though altered from it's original orientation, the image is shown in the inspiration room above. After we'd made it out of the metro LA area and wound through the desert, we began to notice a string of burned out trees that were uprooted and seemingly carefully stacked along the roadside.

Perhaps is was a controlled burn to minimize naturally occurring wildfires. Whatever the case, the stark, leafless limbs cut a very interesting silhouette across the perfectly blue, cloudless sky. When preparing the wall mural image for this post, it seemed like a good idea to flip the image; the line of mountain and sky looked more interesting flipped, while the burnt tree limbs appear to have a dripping-ink like characteristic pouring down the wall. I caught a lot of other good shots along the way that I'll share in the future.