Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Custom Wallpaper Imagery: Chinese Artwork

Here is another interesting idea for a custom wall mural using your own artwork. Specifically, vintage Chinese artwork. Perhaps you have an old painting or a digital image you captured, either way, a wall mural featuring Chinese artwork is sure to amaze.

The watercolor painting shown in the inspiration room has a nice lightness to it, especially with mist enveloping all the mountains. This custom wallpaper installation is a perfect addition to a cozy breakfast nook or dining room, where a feeling of peace and calm is always appreciated.

We have an assortment of Far Eastern imagery at our main website, such as the image below:

Find this bamboo pathway wall mural available for purchase at numerous sizes on your choice of material here: Over at our other site Wallgazer, we feature a wall mural design called "Samurai Cutout". Obviously we transition here from China to Japan, and the subject matter of this mural is much more playful and kitschy than environmental. "Samurai Cutout" can be purchased through Wallgazer here.


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