Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Custom Wall Mural Inspiration: Industrial Design

A few months back we were contracted to photograph a number of industrial machines housed at a machine shop.  The interior designers at Art Harrison were assisting the company by bringing their decor up to more modern standards, which included a series of photos we shot produced as art pieces.  The pieces featured the images of the machines at abstracted angles, turning everyday tools and equipment into art.  We have used one of these images as an inspiration mural for the room above, which features a series of concentric circles; the brushed metal finish adds even more visual interest to the custom mural.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Custom Wall Mural Inspiration: Lunar Surface

For all of you stargazers out there who are looking to add touch of cosmic fancy to your walls, check out this lunar surface wall mural. The mural simply uses a photograph of the moon's surface, in all of it's cratered and crusty glory. The mural adds subtle texture while still being instantly recognizable as the moon. There are scores of different shots of the moon that could be used for a custom mural, with more crater impacted areas for a dramatic look, to the seas of the moon which will offer a more static appearance. Want a space mural that is inspired beyond our solar system? Contact us for more custom wallpaper design ideas from our galaxy and beyond.