Thursday, May 6, 2010

Custom Surfing Inspired Wall Mural

Custom wallpaper can help you decorate in a highly personal way. A lot of people enjoy decorating their home with artwork and artifacts that display their hobbies or interests. You're hard pressed to not see a sports fan's commemorative plaque or poster of a cherished team; outdoorsmen love their Terry Redlin, while artists' walls are lined with a permanent retrospective.

In today's custom wallpaper paper post, we are offering an alternative; a more subtle way to share your interests in a way that might not be so heavy handed. The custom wall mural in the inspiration room features a wave, a tube wave to be exact. This is the type of wave that curls over onto itself, creating a void in which a surfer will move through.

This type of image not only looks appealing, but shares your love of surfing with a reserved ambiguity that creates a true conversation piece. There are plenty of other activities that a mural can accentuate in such a way. For instance, an abstract rock texture wall mural would be perfect for a mountain climber. Whatever your interest, custom wallpaper can create a space that tastefully portrays your personality.


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