Monday, April 12, 2010

Custom Wall Mural Inspiration: Architecture

One of my obsessions when it comes to custom wall mural imagery is architecture. Be it an ultra-modern expanse of glass building skin, or a worn painted brick facade, there are limitless possibilities when using architectural elements as a jumping off point for a printed mural. Of course, there are plenty of buildings that can be showcased as a whole, but what really excites me is using just a portion of a building, abstracting it, until the element seems more like a modern pattern than an actual structure.

Take the custom wallpaper installation in the inspiration room for example. The photograph is of an apartment building in Australia that has undulating terraces off the face of the building. The image was then flipped 90 degrees clockwise, making the serpentine balconies run vertically as opposed to horizontally. The change in perspective gives the mural an even more surreal flare.

A custom wall mural makes for an outstanding adornment to your bedroom area. And while an over-sized headboard can be dramatic, substituting a wall mural such as this for the headboard is even more striking. Check out some additional examples of architecturally inspired wall murals that we've featured in the past, and contact us to learn more about your own custom wallpaper project.

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