Friday, May 8, 2009

New Wallgazer Wallpaper Design: Library

Here is a first look at one of our newest wall mural designs for Wallgazer, entitled "Library." This new design created by Michael Hanlon gives a clean, graphic interpretation to shelves stacked with books or LPs. Library is a clever way to adorn your wall with custom wallpaper to mimic the feel of a well stocked study. Currently, you can find kitschy library wallpaper stuffed with old world tomes and globes, very stale and surely stodgy.

Keep your space young and modern with this wall mural that speaks volumes though it still maintains stark minimalism. The shapes and patterns created by the shelf and media elements in the mural wallpaper give it a lot of visual interest. The bar of yellow gives a simple but strong focal point to the mural to break up the repetition of the wallpaper design.

As with most custom wall murals we print, the wallpaper design can be altered to better fit your present decor. The background of the mural can colored to bring in your existing color palate. The shelf and media components can easily be altered as well. This is the true beauty of custom wallpaper: you're not simply picking a pattern out of a book; this mural or wallpaper installation is tailored specifically to your walls and decor. Interested in using your own design or photograph for custom wallpaper? Visit our main site and browse our custom order page to learn more about the process.

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