Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Custom Wallpaper Design: Pink Girl's Room

So your daughter is old old enough to graduate into her first bedroom. She loves pink, but she's not into fairies or princesses or Barbie. What to do? Focus on color and motion with a custom wallpaper installation to create a lively pink atmosphere.

Granted, most little girls who are into pink may very well be fans of the aforementioned bastions on pinkness. But if you're a style savvy parent, this custom wall mural is a much more chic alternative than mass produced commercial icons. The bedroom furniture in the inspiration image is a light bubblegum pink with white and orange accents. The mural picks up beautifully on these colors. The wall mural also provides a strong backdrop for the bed with it's brighter duvet.

This custom wallpaper installation also capitalizes on some serious motion. The blur created by the lights whizzing by gives the wallpaper a bright, energetic feeling; the perfect accompaniment to a carefree pink environment. This mural does remind us of spinning 'round and 'round as a child; a little disorienting but very fun.

Custom wall murals that feature less iconic imagery can be maintained and updated as your daughter's taste evolves. The wacky furniture and whimsical foot stool may leave, but the wall mural will translate well in the room's decor all the way through the teenage years. Fickle as children's taste may be, this wallpaper will provide years of enjoyment.

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