Thursday, May 7, 2009

Enhancing Retail Space with Custom Wallpaper: KNYEW Las Vegas

Creating a brand from the ground up is always a challenge when done right. After hours of design time and countless revisions, you finally have a logo, look and feel that will set the tone for your retail operation. Imparting the spirit of your business into your retail space can still be a challenge, even with the branding package complete. Enhance your retail space with custom wallpaper to not only reinforce the themes and attitudes of your business, but to simply create an aesthetically pleasing space as well.

The image above illustrates the successful union of using custom wallpaper imagery to highlight an overall business aesthetic/attitude. This custom wall mural was printed for Knyew, a clothing boutique in Las Vegas, which was founded by two internationally known DJs and a sneaker guru. The clothing and shoes Knyew offers are infused with a retro street vibe. To create an ecumenical space for such items, Knyew decided to use multiple custom wall murals to decorate the store. The image above shows the main custom wallpaper installation behind the store's cash wrap. The photo in black and white has just enough film grain present to make the wall mural look truly vintage. There could be no better custom wallpaper imagery available to visually reconnect the viewer with the time and place where hip hop began to evolve.

All together, the branding, the merchandise, and finally the decor and wall murals merge to create an overall aesthetic that is clear and salient, that perfectly sums up the attitudes and style of the owners. And while the stage is set to create a cohesive environment, the wall murals also look incredible, and flesh out a lot of space, resulting in a retail space that looks full but not overdone. Check out Knyew's website here and preview their latest collections. The next time you make it to Sin City, definitely check out Knyew's boutique as well as their custom wallpaper installations.

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