Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Custom Wallpaper: Use Your Own Photo

Between our main wallpaper websites,,, and, we have hundreds of images that can be printed as wall murals. We have some incredible photography, exclusive designs and patterns to choose from, but sometimes our clients already have their own image that they want created as a wall mural. These images can range anywhere from vacation photos to artwork. No matter the subject matter, these clients always have the same question: How does it work? How do I go from having a digital image on my flash card to recievng a custom wall mural at my door?

The first simple steps you have to do: take width and height dimensions of your wall, and send us your image. You can enter this information and upload your image on our website here. That's it for your part, we take it from there!

When we receive your information and image, we will use our design program to scale your image to full size. We have a number of tools that help us enlarge digital photos while maintaining as much clarity as possible. If your image looks like a good candidate for mural size reproduction, we will update you with pricing information, and email you image details that show you how the mural will look like at full size. If your image isn't a good candidate, we'll offer you alternatives, such as using a stock image that is similar to your with the same look and feel.

Proceeding with your custom wallpaper order then simply requires calling our toll free line with your payment and shipping information. From there, our production time is 3-5 business days, and shipping usually takes 1-4 business days.

If you're still not sure of how you'll like the wall mural within your room, email us a digital photo of the space and we'll mock-up a presentation of how the mural would look like installed. Surrounded by all of you decor and furnishings, you'll know exactly how the room will feel with the addition of your custom wallpaper. Quotes and mock-ups are complimentary and no obligation. You have nothing to lose, so go back thorough all of those digital images; there may just be the perfect shot for a custom wallpaper project!

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