Thursday, February 26, 2009

Custom Wallpaper Project: Historical Wallpaper

The installed wall mural above was a custom wallpaper project for a family in Ohio that had just built a phenomenal new home.  The centerpiece: a custom built staircase that winds graciously from the foyer to the private rooms above.  The slight bend of the staircase created an oval shaped wall that was large and somewhat conspicuous, a large void that would be too stark behind such an ornate, old world craftsman's staircase.

The family sought to build and decorate the home with materials and techniques that are often sidestepped today, including authentic cut stone, artisan wood flooring, and hand painted faux finished walls to name a few.  Many of these techniques aren't employed today just for cost factors, some of these arts and craftspeople are simply a dying breed.  Undaunted, the family put together a phenomenal group to make their richly detailed dream home a reality.

Fortunately, Great Wall Custom Coverings was asked to join the team to solve the problem of dressing the earlier mentioned oval-shaped wall.  With so many nods to the past. it made sense to use an image with a real historical feel to it.  The family had a picture of a revolutionary war scene, but the dimensions of the image didn't jive with the wall dimensions.  To create the final custom wallpaper, our designers created a panoramic design out of the landscape oriented image, fleshing it out with additional soldiers, a ravaged town, smoke, flames and all.  Even the flags had to be altered.  Finally, to give the mural an even more aged look, a trompe l'oeil crackle finish was added to the image.  When printed, the custom wallpaper looked like it had been varnished back in the 1860's, with the finish chipped and weathered.

Our custom wallpaper is great by itself, but it also plays well with others.  The family hired a woodworker to frame out the mural once it was installed, creating the look of a huge framed piece of art.  Finally, the addition of some understated pin lighting really illuminated the mural, making it stand out, yet tonally the mural still remains darker so as not to compete with the grand staircase.  Indeed, the combination of the two only leads to an enhanced presentation of the space, as the viewer's eye not only moves along the staircase but continues over the mural, each complimenting the other flawlessly.

Is there a decorating project that you think custom wallpaper would be an asset?  Contact us through our website, and start your own wallpaper project today! 

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