Friday, February 27, 2009

Wallgazer Original Wallpaper Design: Color Book

We're proud to introduce the design "Color Book", one of the newest wallpapers about to be released though our site Emulating the designer's bible to color, Color Book is created by hundreds of color swatches varying in intensity, creating a stair step fade.

Love color, but can't make a decision? Do you hoard paint sample swatches from your local home improvement store? Take advantage of the full range of colors available under the CMYK sun, and give your walls a mesmerizing splash of design-addicted wallpaper.

Wallgazer's Color Book wallpaper is printed on a latex-saturated wallpaper that is highly tear resistant, even when wet with adhesive. Fade and abrasion resistant as well, this quality wallpaper will transform your space into a designer's shrine to be enjoyed for years.