Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Great Wall Custom Coverings: Changing How We Live with Art

At our main website, we frequently use the phrase "Changing how we live with art." For our purposes, this means we are changing the scale at which artwork is created, and how that affects the owner on a daily basis.

Obviously murals have long been a part of humanity's art forms, one of the earliest in fact when you consider cave drawings and paintings. But the full scale printed wall mural is breaking new ground.

What about the mass produced photo murals of the 70's and 80's? These murals were merely that, mass produced products printed overseas of less than quality imagery. The mass produced mural is never an equal to a custom printed mural's quality in regard to imagery and material quality. The photographic wall murals we print are original in that the imagery is not being printed as wallpaper anywhere else. Additionally, the level of quality of our materials and photographs truly elevates the wallpaper wall mural to an art form that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

As mentioned, the scale of the wall mural in important. Even in the most exclusive gallery, all artwork when purchased must fulfill one utilitarian duty: it has to fill blank space on a wall. Smaller pieces are usually relegated to hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms, while larger pieces are stationed above couches. Changing the artwork's scale to fill the entire wall has a quality that can't be duplicated. The mural captures the viewer and literally pulls them into the scene. Whereas a smaller piece lets the viewer wonder away about how that time and place would be, the wall mural truly seems like it transplants you there, where reactions to the piece feel even more authentic if not surreal.

Huge murals that whisk you away to another land, the feeling of stepping into a paradise, the creation a space that exists in and out of reality; this is what we mean by changing the way we live with art.