Monday, July 6, 2009

Decorating With Outdoor Art

Now that the 4th has officially passed, it's starting to really feel like Summer. Here in Metro Detroit, it always takes a little longer to feel the heat, but now that it's here, all we want to do is spend time outdoors. Whereas we usually blog about using custom wallpaper installations to decorate your home, today we're focusing on dressing up your exterior spaces with custom printed outdoor wall art.

Our outdoor wall art is possible due to the fact that we use materials and printing processes that create prints that are viable outdoors for 5+ years. Our inks are waterproof, and highly resistant to UV light. In addition, we laminate the print which is a self-adhesive vinyl, then mount that to a 1/4" rigid plastic that is highly impact resistant. A lot of commercial lingo that basically equates to a beautiful but enduring piece of artwork for you to enjoy for many years.

Our inspiration setting, an outdoor patio with potted bamboo, seemed to beckon for more of the same. The outdoor wall art features a photograph of bamboo in varying widths and tones of greens, which coordinate perfectly with the outdoor furniture. As with our custom wall murals and wallpaper, the image used to create the custom wall art is completely up to you. Find a treasured image from your personal photographs, or check out our website for imagery or assistance in tracking down the right photograph for your project.

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