Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Custom Wallpaper Imagery: Random Photos

From all of the multitudes of photographs you've captured on your digital camera, we know there is a photo there that would make a great custom wallpaper installation. We love using elements from photos, or a macro shot of a detail, that you typically wouldn't expect to find as the focus of a wall mural. These images often create abstract, original murals that are available to a very limited few, namely you.

For instance, the image above is a shot of a chandelier. The chandelier is backlit with blue, which varies with shades of purple and green, giving the mural a peacock color scheme. The glistening facets give this custom wall mural a shiny look, reminiscent of the bling custom wallpaper entry we wrote about previously.

A custom wallpaper installation featuring your photo is easy to order, and can be delivered to your door within 10 business days or sooner. We encourage you to revisit your old images and see if there is something there that surprises you. Random images make great murals and conversation pieces, so set your imagination free!

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