Thursday, July 30, 2009

Custom Wallpaper Project: Decorating Your Office

Congratulations. You've finally made it. Now that the cubicle you once inhabited is a distant memory, it's time to make that office with the view your very own. If you're interested in decorating with custom wallpaper instead of decorating your office space with mass produced artwork, we have just the right material for you. In this day and age when company loyalty is, well, non-existent, it's wise to decorate a space with a wall mural you can take with you should you part ways with your employer.

A custom wall mural printed on repositionable wallpaper ensures you'll have the most unique and talked about office in the building, as well as the ability to take down the wallpaper and reinstall it in a new space should you get the corner office down the hall. We featured this material is a previous entry concerning dorm and apartment living, but the same principal applies: your custom wallpaper can be jsut as mobile as you are.

The custom wall mural featured in the inspiration room offers a calm, somber retreat from the usual harried reality of office life. This can be your very own vacation photo, or an image from one of our galleries. So now that you've gotten to the office that you dreamed about while toiling away paying your dues, take your decor to the next level and make a statement far greater than those with just some family photos and plants nestled on their desks: go big with a custom wall mural to highlight your achievements; you've earned it.

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