Friday, July 31, 2009

Custom Wallpaper Imagery: Random Photos

We're closing out another week with a custom wallpaper installation inspired by random photos; the type of imagery that you wouldn't necessarily think of using as a wall mural, but can create unexpectedly unique environments.

In the inspiration room, the image we used is an old and weathered section of wood that was perhaps part of an old building that has fallen into disrepair. The coarseness of the wood brings an interesting texture to the table, and the numerous layers of chipping paint add to the tactile feel. The true centerpiece of the wall mural though is the splash of graffiti in yellow spray paint running through the wood, giving the mural a real focal point, breaking up the monotony of the weathered wood.

You may or may not have captured an image like this. A simple detail like the inspiration wall mural is easy to pass by without noticing. But when you take a moment to inspect the random details that surround you, a plethora of abstract imagery is readily available that are perfect for a completely one of a kind custom wall mural.


  1. The details that makes this look like a natural, exterior surface is truly amazing. Clearly, a lot of work was put into the artistry of this piece.


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