Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mural Wallpaper vs. Hand Painted Murals

While our company and blog is devoted to the production of custom wallpaper, our work has never been aimed at replacing hand painted wall murals. There are cases when a hand painted wall mural is a necessity, be it that the artist's vision is paramount or a certain texture may be required. In any event, a hand painted mural has elements that mural wallpaper will never have.

On the other hand, wall mural wallpaper is quite affordable as it is shipped, and doesn't require an artist to travel to the install site. Additionally, installing a wall of wallpaper can be achieved in an afternoon, whereas an intricate wall mural can take weeks or months for an artist to create. Herein lies the overwhelming benefits of custom wallpaper, it is cost-effective and expeditious.

However, some truly exciting results are achieved when the two practices are combined in a single wall mural project. Pamela Carron is a classically trained artist as well as mural designer. She has developed an ingenious way of hand painting specific details of a design to be assembled fully as a mural printed on wallpaper. The image displayed is her gorgeous work, which you can read more about at her website here. Printing hand rendered elements of the highest artistic caliber on mural wallpaper gives you the best of both worlds; incredible original artwork produced in a way that is cost effective and quickly and easily installed.

Whether you use a mural artist or mural wallpaper to achieve your look, the end result of a quality mural will enhance your relationship with your space. Do your research and make sure anyone you hire to produce your mural is well qualified, and you'll be sure to reap the benefits.

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