Monday, April 27, 2009

Custom Wallpaper: 70's Inspired Wallpaper Wall Murals

Anyone born in the seventies remembers the wallpaper wall murals that adorned so many homes throughout the period. The wall mural images were strictly scenic in nature, focusing on mostly woodland scenes. Waterfalls and mountain ranges that were so overly perfect that they seemed less natural and more like massive well-kept gardens. And the colors were so bright and unrelenting that these wall murals seemed to almost glow. Though we love the kitschy nature of a lot of these wall murals' imagery, we're all about conscientious updating, and that what we've done with the custom wallpaper image displayed above.

The scene itself is tinged by a colorful gradient that mimics the old tinted car windows or rose colored glasses that were so popular then. The color gradient gives the mural a light, ethereal look that lends a daydream quality to the wallpaper. Compounded with the snarled tree trunks that look like they're softly bowing in the wind makes for a very real, textured scene; the ultimate goal of any scenic wall mural.

Something about the way the sun hits and illuminates the grasses in the mural has a very seventies vibe as well. The setting sun kissing the tops of the grasses feels very Little House on the Prairie, which we love. It also makes us think of all the "Golden Harvest" appliances that were rampant at the time. This wall mural is the perfect finishing touch to a room decked out with design elements paying homage to the seventies. The kitsch factor is there in spirit, but the updated colors and mood bring the seventies inspired wall mural to the present.

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