Saturday, February 21, 2009

Custom Wallpaper Project: I Love the Nightlife Wallpaper

If you're not into the classic photo wall mural, creating a custom wallpaper pattern may be the best way for you to utilize our custom wallpaper services. Consider the wallpaper design above, which was created using a neon pharmacy logo. Say you were in Las Vegas, and every square inch around you was drenched in neon light. Perhaps you wanted to hold onto a bit of that glowing excitement, and you took a few snapshots along the strip on your digital camera.

At Great Wall Custom Coverings, we can take one of your digital images and use a detail from the shot to create a custom wallpaper pattern. The full shot of the strip that included the illuminated pharmacy logo isn't what you you want since you're not into the photo murals, but you really like the look of the logo itself. Pulling the neon logo out of the background and assembling it in a simple pattern creates an almost Moroccan feel, while still maintaining the look of real neon tubing. The simple black background lets the logos stand out, with their illuminated halos seeming to pop right off the wallpaper.

This is merely one example of how we can create an unexpected custom wallpaper design from your digital photograph. At Great Wall, we offer full design services. Let your imagination free and go through all those old digital photos; there may be an unassuming image that is perfect for a custom wallpaper or mural. After you track down the right image, go to our custom order page to begin!

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