Friday, February 20, 2009

Custom Wallpaper Project: Decorating with Vintage Photographs

Vintage photographs are a wonderful connection to the past. Though often we're amused by the fashions and hair styles of previous eras, it's often uncanny how much is so similar with today. The human connection that transcends time; proud people and families working for a better tomorrow.

Capturing this essence is the goal of a custom wallpaper project that uses vintage photographs as source artwork. The vintage photo wall mural easily adds an immediate sense of history to your space. The tone of the wallpaper is important, too. A sepia toned mural like the image above has a warmness and familiarity to it, while a stark black and white print has the air of more being more formal if not reverent.

Vintage images often need a lot of TLC before they're transformed into custom wallpaper. Aside from color correction and general improvements to lacking composition, damage to photographs must also be attended to. Rips, water spots, writing and fading are just a few of the blemishes that need to be resolved before the wall mural is printed. Great Wall Custom Coverings prides itself on this attention to detail, ensuring that your photo wallpaper wall mural will be as meaningful and lasting as the vintage image that inspired it.