Friday, December 11, 2009

Custom Wallpaper Imagery: Natural Patterns

We love the look of photographic wall murals. From the campy mass produced scenic murals of the 70's to the modern looks of today, photographic wall murals are always intriguing to the viewer. Some of our favorite images to dress up your walls are our Natural Pattern designs, located on our main site Great Wall.

The Natural Pattern wall murals are really versatile. A single image can be reproduced large in it's entirety to create a photo wall mural. Or, the imagery can be repeated to create a custom wallpaper pattern. This is the case of the wallpaper in our inspiration room. The twigs in the natural pattern have been mirrored multiple times to create a highly organic backdrop for these very modern shelves, a nice juxtaposition.

In addition to this image, we have many other Natural Pattern murals to offer. Textures of sand and wood as well as stones, flowers, and assorted foliage will give your space a brand new atmosphere without blowing your budget. Larger and smaller sized wall murals are available to accommodate a myriad of needs, and custom sizing is available for those hard to fit spaces.

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