Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Custom Wallpaper Inspiration: Subdued Imagery

Oftentimes the custom wallpaper imagery we blog about is quite striking. Perhaps it's an innate flair for the dramatic, but vibrantly colored murals with plenty of motion and visual interest are certainly alluring. Today though, we are casting off the shackles of over the top indulgence and focusing on custom wallpaper for a much more demure palette.

Incorporating a custom wall mural into your decor that isn't a dominating focal point is definitely possible. Consider the wall mural in the inspiration room. While the wallpaper has a strong graphic pattern, and a modern look engendered by the subtle alternating gradient, the overall tone of the piece is very soft and ethereal, almost like it isn't there. This is a balancing act we hope to achieve when creating a more soft-spoken custom wall mural: maintain a supporting role for the mural, while not letting the design be mundane and lifeless.

The wall mural featured above is called "Cellular Grey," available for purchase at If the hard-lined graphic look doesn't speak to you, consider an oversized floral pattern in off-whites and creams, which would tonally create a static look, with a lot of visual interest created by shadows and highlights around the mingling flower petals. Need more ideas for a subdued custom wallpaper installation? Contact us to learn more.

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