Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mosaic Tile Wallpaper: Mosaic Wall Mural

At our sister site Mosaic Tile Wallpaper, we've created a line of faux tile wallpaper that looks as authentic as real tile. Depending on your taste, you can select from different tile finishes, such as tumbled marble, rustic glass tile and art glass. These tile textures are then printed to wallpaper according to your color choice. Once installed, our custom mosaic tile wallpaper is perfect for a unique but understated wall.

If you want a custom wallpaper installation with a tile look but with more punch, consider a mosaic tile wallpaper mural. This is a great custom wallpaper project because it allows you to use your own photo. Again, you pick the tile texture that best suits your taste. With that tile texture in hand, we then use our original process to make your photograph look like an authentic mosaic tile installation.

The image above is such an example. Our client wanted to use this image as a purely photographic wall mural. However, the resolution of the image was poor, so the custom wallpaper wouldn't have been photorealsitic. To sidestep this problem, we gave the image our mosaic tile wallpaper treatment, and as you can see the result is gorgeous. We've discussed problematic images before, those that are too low-resolution to print clearly. The mosaic tile wallpaper solution is a great way to be able to still use the image you want, without having to worry about pixilation.

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