Thursday, June 11, 2009

Custom Wallpaper Design: Playing With Juxtaposition

The custom wall mural we're featuring today is one of our new Wallgazer wallpaper designs available at The mural, designed by Andi Kubacki, is titled "Factory Light." A design based on factory windows that you'd see dotting the rust belt. The mural image itself is a study in juxtaposition; broken glass and disintegrating window glazing bespeaking a broken down, unkempt factory facade. But the vibrant greens and blues have such a cheerful, positive disposition that the combination creates a slightly jarring reaction.

The installation of the custom wall mural continues the theme of juxtaposition. Add this edgy, slightly grungy mural to a clean-lined contemporary room, and the dueling forces of of decay and perfection come full circle. Custom wallpaper is particularly effective at evoking such emotions as custom wallcoverings are so unexpected and original, and have so much more life than traditional mass produced wallpaper as a whole.

Of course, if the blighted post-industrial aesthetic isn't your cup of tea, this notion of juxtaposition can be applied to any room with whichever custom wallpaper imagery you choose. Think of a vibrantly colored wall mural in a space decorated in mostly whites and neutrals, or a very modern wallpaper pattern mingling in a formal dining room populated with antiques. Whichever way you approach your custom wallpaper installation, giving a nod to juxtaposition will certainly give your guests something to talk about.

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