Friday, May 1, 2009

Custom Wallpaper Imagery: More Random Photos

We thought we'd close another week out with a custom wallpaper installation featuring a more random image. The image, which is an aerial shot, consists of multiple shipping containers stacked on one another. We love the color combinations in this mural, from the bright and rusty reds, cool grays, as well as the blues that really pop out and make the mural come alive.

These images that seem to come from left field truly create some of the most striking murals. The way the differently colored containers are interspersed creates an interesting, random pattern, very befitting for a modern wallpaper design. There's a bit of whimsy here too; the extreme vantage point gives the shipping containers a childlike, toy block quality that makes the mural more engaging than your usual stack of commercial shipping conveyances.

Unexpected imagery for a custom wall mural is a perfect fit for anyone with a quirky design aesthetic. For those with such idiosyncratic leanings, a custom wallpaper installation utilizing your random photo shows you have a unique decorating style, after all, no one in the rest of the world will have the same mural. Originality never looked so good.

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