Friday, May 15, 2009

Custom Wallpaper Design: Mosaic Tile Wallpaper

One of the specialty lines of custom wallpaper we produce is our Mosaic Tile Wallpaper. Our mosaic tile wallpaper has a number of advantages. First, it looks exactly like real tile, complete with subtle irregularities and grout lines. Several tile looks are available, from rustic glass to tumbled marble. The mosaic tile wall mural shown is designed with the tumbled marble look.

Unlike traditional mosaic tile installations, our wallpaper version is able to be installed in a very short time frame. Our typical custom wallpaper panel size is roughly four and a half feet wide by the full height of your wall. Whereas tile installations, especially complicated mosaics, can take week or months to complete, our wallpaper can be installed in an afternoon. Our tile wallpaper is also highly cost effective. Compared to real mosaic tile and installation fees, the custom wallpaper option is truly budget friendly.

Whereas we have designs of different tile textures in numerous colors at the ready, we can use your own photograph or pattern and transform that into a mosaic tile wallpaper design. This is the final major advantage of our mural wallpaper vs. authentic tile. This wallpaper project works best with an image featuring larger subjects with less detail, as a lot of nuances can be lost when transforming a photo into a mosaic tile wall mural. Visit our Mosaic Tile Wallpaper site to learn more about using your photograph for a custom mural.

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