Monday, April 20, 2009

Custom Wallpaper Design: Imagery For Gothic-Inspired Wallpaper

For those with a decorating style inclined to gothic tendencies, our custom wallpaper services are invaluable. With gothic aesthetics being so closely tied in to theatrics and romanticism, it's clear that a wall mural is an excellent way to set the stage of your very own goth showplace. Custom wallpaper murals of yore were definitely on the kitschy side, and that light-hearted yet dour camp associated with the goth aesthetic makes for a match made in...despair.

Consider the gothic-inspired mural as shown above. Whereas one might initially consider Gothic architecture or imagery of more unpleasant tones for a custom wallpaper project, we like the romantic, almost allegorical nuances of this twisting tree image. The mural, which is essentially black and white though tinged with a subtle magenta, combines a number of goth aesthetics while also maintaining traditional decorating goals; the wall mural's coloring plays off the couch and flooring well, and feels balanced and well executed within the room.

Custom wall mural imagery choices are very personal, and we can surely accommodate even the most unusual requests. For those who are decorating their home with a gothic flare, we're happy to offer our custom wallpaper services. Anyone who isn't interested in run of the mill, mass produced decor is definitely a friend of ours, and those within the goth community certainly fit that bill. Contact us with your most sublime goth decorating fantasy, and let us design the custom wall mural that truly fits your lifestyle.


  1. This is my favorite. I think it would look great in an entry way of a loft or a dramatic office complex.