Friday, March 20, 2009

Wallgazer Wallpaper Design: Plug Research

The mixing board has never been so visually appealing. At Wallgazer, we have executed one of the most unique wallpaper murals available today.
"Plug Research" at first glance has a Spirograph-inspired swirl of shapes radiating out from the interior of the piece. Light grays and blacks seem to be the only colors present in the mural.

But upon closer inspection, the true detail of the original wallpaper design reveals itself: shapes and patterns that seemed nondescript are actually buttons and knobs of a sound board. Wires snake over and around plugs and sockets. Accents of red are scattered throughout the wallpaper, breaking up the cool gray tones.

The frenetic energy created by the wall mural makes it the perfect candidate for a space with an otherwise more understated decor theme. This mural would be stellar in a room with crisp modern white walls, sparse furniture and artwork. Or, turn the volume up to eleven and work this mural in with even more colors and patterns to create a room with a frantically light-hearted feel. See more original wallpaper designs at

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