Thursday, March 26, 2009

Custom Wallpaper Project: Foyer Custom Wallpaper

A client in New York had a phenomenal photograph from a trip out West of a thicket of ball cacti. His hope was to have this image produced as a custom wall mural for his foyer. The image itself was vertically aligned and in color. The client had some design savvy, and manipulated his own image in Photoshop, giving the cacti a photographic negative effect.

When he contacted us to produce the custom wallpaper he had designed, he still needed to have the image repeated to fill the whole wall, but he wanted an organic, non-pattern look. The final result is displayed. The negative effect is very striking, and the expansion of the native image to fill the whole wall is executed in such a way that you would have no idea that the photo was manipulated.

The foyer is an ideal spot for a custom wallpaper installation. As your guests enter your home, give them a moment's pause when they see a gorgeous wall mural such as our client's mural from New York. You can only make a first impression once, and a custom wall mural located in the foyer will certainly leave your visitor excited and curious about the rest of your home. Additionally, most foyers are relatively smaller places, so a custom wall mural can be placed on a smaller wall, keeping the budget tight while still getting maximum impact for your investment. Do you have an image that would be well suited for your foyer? Contact us to start your own custom wallpaper project.

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