Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Custom Wallpaper Project: Decorating the Home Theater

When it comes to decorating the home theater, digitally printed wallpaper is the handiest tool at your disposal. Though the home theater is to be enjoyed by the whole family, typically it is the man of the house who takes the reigns in the task of fleshing out the theater's decor scheme.

When it comes to the gentlemen and their home theaters, a popular trend is producing custom wallpaper for the ceiling. Most often the wallpaper is of a celestial scene. These scenes can vary from typical star fields you commonly associate with outer space, while others are more abstract swirls of gas clouds and dust.

Aside from elevating your home theater's ceiling to the heavens, the starry wallpaper helps to reinforce that dream like state that only a good film can induce. This custom wallpaper application truly meshes perfectly with the intended use of the home theater, both aesthetically and pragmatically.

Recently, fiber-optic ceiling treatments have appeared. While these are incredible to behold, they are certainly far more expensive than custom wallpaper. Additionally, our mural wallpaper requires virtually no maintenance.

Think about continuing the look down the sides of some prominent walls to tie everything together; or consider using coordinating giclee with additional images from our Space Images Gallery.

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