Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Custom Wallpaper Design: Girls' Room Wallpaper

One of the most fun concepts for a custom wallpaper project for a girl's room is our "Sweet Shop" wallpaper, as shown above. The wallpaper draws inspiration from the penny candy stores of the '50's. The wallpaper design features shelves laid out in a realistic way, with proper perspective given strong consideration, to make our Sweet Shop wallpaper look just like real shelves of candy.

Lining the shelves are antique glass jars filled with jelly beans and other sweet stuff. Keep in mind that what you are seeing in the image above is merely two-dimensional wallpaper, not real shelves with candy jars; this wallpaper design is often mistaken for the real thing since it appears so three dimensional.

If girls are sugar and spice and everything nice, our Sweet Shop wallpaper is the ideal fit for a girl's room. Keep in mind that we can customize this wallpaper fully, from changing the color of the shelves to adding in different types of candy within the jars. We can even add labels to the candy jars with your special little girl's name to personalize the custom wallpaper even further. Contact us to learn more about commissioning custom wallpaper for your girl's room today!

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