Monday, February 16, 2009

Digital Photography Project: Art In Your Camera's Flash Card

How many times have you been at an art gallery or an art fair, anywhere you might find a wide selection of artwork for purchase, and wondered: "why is everything so expensive?" Aside from raw materials and gallery fees which can vary, at the end of the day you're paying for an artists creativity. This is the factor in pricing artwork that cannot be simply figured on a tally sheet like canvas, wood for stretchers, paints, etc. The intangible talent that an artist translates into a two or three dimensional statement is often valued quite differently from the artist to the viewer. If every viewer perceived an artist's work and it's price tag as a matter of fact or common sense, there simply would be no more work left on gallery walls. What urges the viewer to look beyond the price tag, for the monetary aspect to melt away leaving only the artist's vision? Perhaps it's an investment, too good to pass up. Or a memory of one's past that flows through the piece. Whatever the reasoning, it is truly only left for the buyer to understand.

But what if the buyer and the artist are the same person? What if that same person happens to be you?

Going back to time spent at galleries or fairs: have you spent the same amount of time appreciating the artwork of others as you have your own photography? Is your photography art? What is art, anyway? If you believe that art simply exists for art's sake, that any expression an artist wants to convey is art just because it is created; perhaps your photographs may be art after all.

Consider the photograph above. It was taken on a winter morning as the sun began to warm a deck. The areas still in shadow protects a thin layer of snow from melting. This images doesn't document a critical moment, nor does it hold any significant emotional or political undertones. It is, however, an interesting shot. Abstract yet also familiar. And as the photographer, I just simply like the photo. I believe it is artwork, and I'd like to share it with the world. Now what?

That's where we come in. At , you can upload your image and have it created as a giclee. Our giclee is artist canvas, printed on artist canvas, and wrapped over non-warping foam board. The giclee is a finished art piece, and arrives ready to hang. Giclee are very cost effective compared with gallery pieces, and ordering them couldn't be easier. The best part: the artist is you! How many images are floating around on flash cards? Marooned in sub-directories on your computer. Sure, using one of these images as your desktop screen saver is fun, but think about presenting your photograph, fully represented as the artwork it truly is. Your image can be printed as is, or as a black and white or sepia toned image. The printing to produce the artwork is the easy since you've already done the work, now show it off like it was meant to be. Visit Great Wall Custom Coverings custom order page to begin the process today!

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